I’m not referring to “crazy people” but to abalone.  Actually, a variety of or related species to abalone. I’m not sure. Anyways, in Chile abalone in general is called loco.

So, there are basic staples to Chilean cuisine that aren’t as common in American foods. Case in point, locos. I grew up eating these. I love them. But, they weren’t readily available at our local supermarket. However, there was a place where we could easily find them: the Asian supermarket. And as crazy as this sounds, it really didn’t dawn on me that Asian people were keen on eating abalone until just a few days ago when I saw a video on 전복죽 (jeon-bok-juk).

The traditional way of eating locos is on a bed of lettuce with homemade mayonnaise. There is also chupe de locos. It’s kind of a savory bread pudding with cheese and locos. I’ve only every tried the former. And, I really never had a clue as to what else could be done with locos…enter Maangchi and her recipe for abalone porridge. On a side note, I really don’t think that porridge is the best translation for 죽 (juk), but I guess it’s the closest you can get. I have the same issue with translating 전 as pancake. Anyways, moving along.

I’m really excited about trying this dish because I love the consistency of rice when it’s cooked this way. It seems like the ultimate comfort food on a cold day. Yummy! So, here it is:

Happy eating ^o^


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