I just rolled my eyes so hard…

I’ll be the first to admit that I spend loads of time on Pinterest. It’s a great place to find recipes, art, cute animals and funny sayings. And, I have enjoyed every minute I have spent pinning mostly irrelevant things that I will probably never use or make.

But, today I noticed something. If you go to any person’s Pinterest profile. You will see a box with their picture, name and a series of social network icons. Now, you will also see a flag on the lower right hand corner of that box. See what I mean:


YOU CAN NOW FLAG PEOPLE ON PINTEREST! I say this with great horror. I really do not get it. Of course, I’ve seen the odd nude or pornographic picture on Pinterest. But, you know what? I actually DON’T have to pin it. (Sarcasm alert) Wow, how amazing is it that – as an adult – I can actually choose not to participate of things I don’t want to?! (sarcasm over)

Seriously, was it really necessary to add this feature? I mean, you can UN-FOLLOW someone…or is not enough for some people?  Okay, fine. Then, why isn’t there a simple “block” option instead? What people don’t understand is that this will also allow certain over zealous people to report a person for funny, yet sometimes nasty and inappropriate, pins. Yes, I have seen comments where people state that a funny-quote poster is offensive to them.

Fine, I will concede that children might catch a glimpse of these “terrible” things. But, first off, why is your child anywhere near a place that you consider might contain offensive material? Second, why am I responsible for what your child sees or doesn’t see? So, what about the teenagers? Yeah, what about them? I don’t think that Pinterest, or the Internet for that matter, is the only place they have access to this stuff. I think it is far better to spend time addressing these topics with children than eternally finding ways of shielding them from them.

Here’s the Japanese emoticon for rolling your eyes ‘cuz that’s how I feel about this (e_e)…


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