Happy 빼빼로 데이!!

Yesterday was Pepero Day in South Korea!!!!! If you’ve never had Pepero, you will not understand why I added 5 exclamation points after my first sentence 😉 Seriously, they are that good ^______^

Let’s break it down. This sweet snack is called 빼빼로. It’s romanized /pepero/ or /ppaeppaero/. If you speak Spanish, pronounce “pepero” in Spanish, and you’ve got it.

A gift from my Korean friend ^______^ (only three of the five shown)

Second of all, Pepero Day is not an official holiday. It’s simply a day when you give your friends, partner or loved one Pepero candy. It is celebrated on the 11th of November every year. Why this date? Well, all Pepero candy is in the shape of a stick. So, people say that it looks like a one. And what date has more ones in it than November 11?

Almond Pepero. I broke them 😦 But, they were still yummy!

Next, calling it candy will invariably make you think of jolly ranchers or chocolate bars. But, that’s not exactly the case with Pepero. Pepero are slightly sweet bread-sticks. They are either dipped in chocolate (and coated with sprinkles or nuts) or filled with chocolate. I just recently saw Pepero that was dipped in some sort of strawberry cream. Maybe, it’s white strawberry-flavored chocolate. I have no idea. If you’ve tried them, let me know 🙂

Nude pepero. They are filled with chocolate. The biscuit is the sweetest of the three. But, the balance between chocolate and biscuit, sweet and non sweet is perfection.

Finally, they are very good. They aren’t very sweet and the chocolate is yummy. I appreciate the fact that they have much less sugar than American AND Chilean sweets. Even if you aren’t a fan of non sugary snacks, you should give these a try.

Original pepero. Hands down, these are my favorite. They are perfect in every single way: their size, their flavor…everything ^^

I still have one box left! I had promised that I would finish them off yesterday, but I just couldn’t. Maybe next weekend ^_____^. If you can, try them. You won’t regret it!


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