Moving positive energy

About a year ago, I was working with a therapist. I wasn’t with him for very long, but I did have a few revelations while I was in therapy. The biggest one had to do with “moving positive energy”.

I came to realize that the good things and bad things that happen in this world happen because we either promote good or bad energy. For example, criticism is bad energy. Even if we are criticizing something that we find particularly heinous, we are moving negative energy. We are bringing focus to something that is already negative. What should we do instead? Simply focus on something positive. We can point to an injustice, and at the same time we can offer ways to right it. No judgement or criticism.

Yes, it’s hard. Yes, I fall into the the negative cycle sometimes. But, that’s just part of being human. I just dust myself off as soon as I can, and keep walking down a more positive path. Now, I don’t mean you have to walk around with rose-colored glasses on. Of course you will see (and should see) the bad that is in this world. But, the key is to confront it will goodness and not more “badness”.

Here’s an example that I found on TedTalks (one of my favorite YT channels, by the way). Instead of wallowing in depression, Hannah Brencher decided to focus on the love she had received in that past. It’s a beautiful story. 🙂

Move positive whenever you can. Believe me, it will make you and everyone else feel so much better.


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