Crocheted Throw

I’ve been looking for a decent crochet pattern for an afghan for ages. But, I am forever haunted by the ubiquitous granny square. In theory, a granny square is a great idea. I love seeing those groups of 3 dc’s making their way around a common center point. However, it is inevitably too holey for an afghan…unless you avoid sc’s. Well in my opinion, that defeats the purpose of a granny square. So, my search for a perfect afghan pattern continued until now.

I’m glad to report that my search is finally over. Thanks to Pinterest,  I found the following pattern.

crochet pattern for afghan

I used a foundation row to begin with (because I absolutely LOVE it). If you don’t know what a foundation row is, check out this blog post. It might take a while to figure out, but it’s well worth the effort. Believe me.

You can use any combination of colors that you like. I chose mossy and olive-y greens with a cream colored yarn for contrast. If you do chose a contrasting yarn, you will be using it on all of the odd numbered rows.

Written pattern

Foundation row: multiples of 3 + 1 + edge stitch

Row 1 and all odds: ch 1, *sc, ch 2*, repeat *to* until the last two stiches, 2 sc {These rows are where you will be using the contrasting color}

Row 2 and all evens: ch 3, *3 dc in ch 2 (from previous row)*, repeat * to * until last stitch, 1 dc in ch 1 (from previous row)

Disclaimer: I never write out crochet patterns. I usually only work with drawings, so please forgive me if there is a mistake (or many). Let me know, and I will fix it.

crocheted green afghan

The top part is the front of the work; the bottom is the back side.

I just love the way that the cream colored yarn peaks out and creates tiny spots of contrast. Lovely! And, the knit is tight enough not to let drafts of cold air come through.

Each one of the yarns is a different weight. Basically, I don’t really get attached to a specific thickness. I’m more into the color combinations. But, if you find the color combo that you want in the same weight yarn, by all means go for it ^^

If you want to see another color scheme, you can check out this blog.

I’m also planning on using up a good portion of my stash by making another (or other) afghans following this same pattern. Seriously, I canNOT keep buying more yarn until I do so…hehehe. Anyways, I will definitely post pictures of those projects as they happen.

I have one very important suggestion for you. You will basically have to cut the yarn after each row. This means loads of fringe. If you like the fringe, leave it. It looks pretty cool, actually. But, I’m not a fringe type of gal. So, if you want to avoid weaving in aaaaalllll of those ends, you can crochet over two ends as you crochet a new row. Simple and quick.

Good luck! I’ll keep you posted.


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