2 Korean Learning sites you don’t want to miss

I’ve been trying to study Korean for a long while now. My progress has been slow. But, that time has allowed me to find multiple online resources for learning Korean. In the past few months, I have found 2 that I absolutely love, and I wanted to share them with you. These sites are for people who already know some…well, more than some Korean. I mean, an advanced beginner can benefit from these sites. But, if you don’t even know the Korean alphabet yet, start off with Talk to me in Korean.

1. Easy to Learn Korean (site)


Image used courtesy of Chad Meyer from Easy to Learn Korean. 감사합니다~ ^^

I love these guys! They have a series of posters (I have NO idea what to call them exactly. If anyone knows, pleeeeeaaase tell me) that cover one topic at a time ranging from serious topics like business conversations, medical examinations, and the North Korean threat to everyday issues like ordering food and chilling out. Truly, they have touched on every subject I can think of including some that I had never even considered. Each poster has key vocabulary and useful phrases relevant to the topic at hand.

The best part is the “Tips” section where you can find further explanations and some cultural information depending on the topic. You might be tempted to skip it but don’t.

An added plus is that each poster is absolutely adorable! *^.^* The layout is well thought-out as is the artwork which reminds me of some modern Korean pop artists.

Their posters have been published in the Korea Times newspaper (under  Culture Section > Life > Korean Language since 2009, so you might have already seen them.

Here’s a link to their Facebook page —> Easy to Learn Korean on Facebook

2. Go! Billy Korean (site)

Once again, I love this guy! He started off on YouTube a few months ago.  He recently launched his site and opened a Facebook page.

Right off the bat, I could tell that he was different, and I just thought that it was because his videos were interesting and fun. But, then I read about his history with the Korean language and I knew why. He explains that he became disappointed with “how confusing the language was being presented to learners.” He goes on to say that he’s learned other languages and it shows. The clarity of his teaching style illustrates just how well he knows what he’s talking about.

You can also donate to help out with the development of future lessons. Check out his About page for more details on that subject.

Go Billy on Facebook       Go Billy on Youtube

Here’s his first video: Episode 1: How to say “Have to~” in Korean

Once again, if you are a beginner-beginner/newbie, you’re better off starting with something like Talk to me in Korean or Busyatom (on youtube). But, once you’ve got a few lessons under your belt, you should definitely move on to these sites.

For you advanced beginners, these are a must! I would even recommend them for intermediate learners as a way to practice and maybe fill in some voids that self-studying may have left.



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