My New(ish) Camera – Canon ELPH 300HS[Review]

I don’t really consider myself a photographer, but I do love taking pictures. So, a few months ago, I decided to break the bank 😉 and get myself a new camera. I was looking for something lightweight, affordable and with HD filming capacity.

This is what a got
canon ELPH 300HSIt’s Canon’s ELPH 300HS. It had a lot of the same features as my previous camera, so it was easy to start using right away. It films in full HD and it’s extremely lightweight. As an added bonus, it was on sale when I bought it! (it was actually cheaper than the EPLH 330 and 150). It doesn’t have wifi but big deal. I don’t really need that.

What it DOES have is great. It takes amazing pictures in low light. It’s macrozoom feature is spectacular. I will be uploading my macrozooms soon, I promise. It has a wide angle lens making selfie and group selfies pretty easy to take (unless you’re like me and you are utterly useless at take your own picture :/ )

As for the video and audio, I also recommend them. I did have a slight problem with the autofocus (i.e. some blurry frames), but I’m sure that’s because I was holding the camera instead of having it on an tripod. The sound is pretty good for a camera that doesn’t have an external mic jack. I was pleasantly surprised about that. To round it off, I have to add the the battery lasts quite a long time especially if you only take pictures AND it charges in less that 2 hours.

If you’re looking for an affordable, lightweight, good quality camera for taking good pictures and vlogging, I highly recommend the ELPH 300. If you can’t find it (no longer available here), I would suggest any other camera from the ELPH series.

I look forward to sharing my pics with you soon. Until then 🙂


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