Painting a Sunflower with Watercolors

Watercolors are hard (haaarrrrd). I’ve dabbled in a lot of different media throughout the years, but I’ve always steered clear of watercolors. I guess that was because no one ever really taught it to me in school. On the other hand, I’ve always seen flyers for oil painting but no watercolors.

Through the years, I started realizing that it is THE most difficult media around. Why? One word…water.

My goodness it’s hard to control the amount of water necessary to get the right consistency of paint, the right color and the right tone! It all comes down to knowing just how much water you need to get the effect you want. This ain’t acrylic or oil painting, folks, where adding white will save the day. No sirree, Bob!

Even so, I’ve decide to embark on this path, and I haven’t regretted it AT ALL. Instead of getting discouraged, I’m actually getting more and more inspired. I tend towards abstract art, but the realism you can get from painting still-lifes and nature is alluring. I hope to incorporate watercolors into my abstract art to get new, and more interesting, pieces.

This is my first watercolor project, and I am very happy with the results. I followed this tutorial on YouTube by Angela Fehr. Check it out!

Here is (some of) the process and final result.

Sunflower 01 Sunflower 02

Sunflower 03I’m not sure if you can tell much of a difference between the second and third pictures. What I did was add more dots to the center of the sunflower and darken the entire flower plus the leaves to offset them from the background.

Give it a go if you like. It’s a really fun project and a lot simpler than you might think. I plan on repeating this project myself. Here’s the outline if you want to print it out and trace it onto your paper (I just freehanded mine).

Sunflower outline


Until next time!


2 responses to “Painting a Sunflower with Watercolors

  1. Hello, Maria. I’ve remembered your site and decided to visit it. I like your watercolour sunflower very much! I find it nice, accurate and diligent.

    • Hi, Nadya!
      I’m just getting back to blogging. I hope to keep up a steady stream of posts now…with or without my artwork 🙂
      I hope you’re doing well!

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