Hooked on Technicolor

Wow, I just noticed that I last posted about a year ago! I didn’t mean for that to happen, but…well, life.

I’ve been doing a lot of new things lately. I started doodling again. This time I’m experimenting with metallic markers on dark paper. I got more into watercoloring (brush lettering to be exact). And, the kicker? I started adding watercolor to my doodles! Shock…horror. I am not a colors kind of artist. In fact, most of my school art projects were in black and white (and in pencil I might add ;)) So, it’s a pretty big thing for me to try adding color to any of my drawings. And, I think that’s one reason why watercolor still eludes me. :/

Anyway, it all started because I was discussing something with a friend’s cousin and she (the cousin) asked what type of art I made. She was looking for a couple of pieces to hang on her wall. I showed her some of the things I’ve published on Facebook (nothing too stunning), and she really liked one piece. Actually, she liked the exact piece I hate the most! Then, she asked if I could add some color to it. She was thinking of earth tones. I said, “Sure.” That’s probably the dumbest and smartest word any artist can say to a potential client.

Here’s a look at the original black and white piece:

Black and white doodle

When I got home, I was itching to experiment with mixing colors to get a palette going. You know what? I started liking the colors I was coming up with.Then, I realized something awful. I couldn’t use any of my black markers for this piece. No way, no how! I had to use a brown marker to draw the lines. I have no brown markers. Did I mention I not a colors kind of gal? To be honest with you, I do have a few colored markers but only red, blue, and green. Nothing too fancy like the sepia I knew I need.

So, it took me a while to find the right color sepia marker to start redoing the first piece and creating a new, complementary piece (that also scared the bejeezus out of me). Anyway, here’s a look at the palette of colors I went with. I jotted down the approximate percentage of each color I mixed. I got the more pastel versions by simply adding water. You can see the marker I chose in the top center (the scribble).

  • AL = Alizarin crimson
  • BS = Burnt sienna
  • CO = Cobalt blue
  • G = Gamboge
  • RS = Raw sienna
  • Sep = Sepia

Earth-tone Palette for doodles

Now, I’m almost done with the second piece. I must say that this experience has gotten me hooked on technicolor. I’m even thinking of (drumroll, please) recreating some of my doodles on black paper with oil based COLOR markers! 0.0

Despite my shock, I really look forward to experimenting with color 🙂

Here’s a tiny look at the two pieces I made. The one on the right is the second, new piece awaiting it’s wash of color. All I can hope for is that they find a happy home. Until next time, everyone!

Sepia doodle         Sepia doodle 2_01



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